Optiplex Hologram

Project: Corning Optiplex hologram infographic

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n ideal solution for a product display. ZEE design required a simple but effective animation for a client's fibre cable product - to be showcased at the Fibre To The Home conference 2016 in Luxembourg. The small form factor but eye-catching hologram unit is an ideal passive display unit for small products. [although interactivity can added]

e were able to make a super quick conversion of the cable product CAD data so it could be used in our animation software, this was then rigged to make it easy to animate. A concise brief for the animation was executed with 3D explainer text to give some marketing facts, resulting in a great autonomous marketing device.

In brief


ZEE Design uses CGI product animation in a hologram display unit for Corning at FTTH 2016

25 Jun 2016
Marcom Visualisation
explainer hologram


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