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Project: Symposia info-graphic animation

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ur latest work for hub9 goes live. A prominent centre piece video wall animation infographic for their clients presence at the ESC 2014 symposia and conference - hub9 wanted to bring their clients product ideology to life in a big way - and they achieved just that - a fantastic 5 x 3 46" panel video wall displaying a 3 minute animation encapsulating the benefits and portraying memorable messaging of the brand.

orking closely with the creatives at hub9, we set to work bringing existing brand and literature to life in an endearing and eye catching way. Continuety with original brand was key, as was a flexible creative pipeline - as all pharmacutical symposia presentations go through a rigerous approvals process prior to acceptance for public display.

In brief


A 4k pixel video wall, CGI character led animation project, goes live at ESC symposia in Barcelona, Spain

05 August 2014
Infographic Display


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